Towable Solar Lighting Trailer System

Tactical Area Lighting™

Towable Solar Lighting Trailer System

Tactical Solar Lighting System Features/Benefits
Extreme Environments: 

ETI Tactical Trailers® with Solar Lighting are designed for extreme temperature environments from unprotected desert installations to frozen tundra operating temperatures -40°C to 55°C.

Reduced Energy Consumption:

Environmental benefits of solar power help meet federal mandates for energy reduction.  High efficiency LED lights also require less power than fluorescent lights for reduced power consumption.

Reduced Greenhouse Gas Emissions & Pollution: 

ECO friendly Solar Power Light Trailer System replaces JP-8 generator powered lights.  No emissions or pollutants released into the environment.

Reduction of Fossil Fuel Usage: 

Fuel cost for lighting eliminated for significant annual cost savings and reduces dependency on foreign procured oil.     

Lower Maintenance Cost: 

Eliminate engine/generator regular maintenance.  Also allows automatic unattended operation.  

Silent / Stealth Operation: 

ECO Friendly Solar Power Panels replace noisy generator system.  Improves on site communication capability and aids covert operations.

Moveable Trailers: 

ETI Tactical Trailers® with Solar Lighting are equipped with DOT standard towable trailers for quick setup, flexibility, and transportability.  Compact design for rapid deployment and instant operation.  Single person setup.

Adjustable Illumination Heights: 

Adjustable 30 foot Mast allows light adjustment from 8 feet to 36 feet.  360-degree mast rotation and Pan/Tilt light fixture feature lets you put the light where it’s needed.

24/7 Operation:

Designed with battery banks for nighttime and multiple cloudy day operation for extended operation.

Modularly Expandable:

Additional light and battery banks available for applications requiring more light or higher power requirements.

Long Life LED Lights: 

LED lights offer longer operational lifetime than fluorescent lights.  LED lights also operate in colder temperatures than fluorescent lights, down to –40°C.

Optional Auxiliary Light:

Additional lights can be added for specific applications or for mobile lighting applications.

Optional Motion Sensor Activated Lights:

Reduces energy usage and saves power for when light is truly needed.  Eliminates "constant on" light situation.

Overall System Specifications: ETI0021-8002A1
Type: Towable Trailer
Mast: 30 ft. Adjustable
Primary Lights: High Efficiency LED, 15,600 Lumens Total Output, Optional up to 156,000 Lumens. See Aux Lights For Additional Lights
Power: Solar Powered, Optional Wind Turbine
Hours of Battery Backup Operation: 48 Hours, Modularly Expandable for Longer Backup Times
Auxiliary Lights: Two (2) Aux Lights Standard 7,800 Lumens each with 25 ft. Cord, Optional up to four (4) lights, Other Light Options: 5,850 to 39,000 Lumens each
Motion Sensor Light Activation: Yes, for use with Auxiliary Lights, Optional cable retractor for remote mount motion sensor capability
Parking Brake: Mechanical, Handle Operated

Trailer Specifications  
Material Type: Tubular Steel
Wall Thickness: 0.1875 in.  (4.76 mm)
Trailer Hookup: Pintle Hook/Lunette Ring Optional Hookups 2 in. Ball Hitch, Combination Hitch.
Axel Span: 40.75 in.
Trailer Width: 49 in. (1.24 m)
Retracted Unit Length: 161 in. (4.08m)
Trailer Length: 144 in. (3.66 m)
DOT Running
Light Package:
Tail, Side, Brake
& Directional Lights
Tire Size: 13 in. (0.33 m)
Features: Equipped with Outrigger to Withstand 65 MPH Wind

Mast Specifications  
Material Type: Tubular Steel
Material Finish: Powder Coat Paint
Max Extension: 30 ft. (9.1 m)
# Sections: Three (3)
Winch Type: Self Braking Dual Hand Crank, Optional Motorized Winch
Rotation: 360 Degrees with Locking System

Light Specifications
Type: LED High Performance, High Brightness
Floodlights per Trailer: Two (2) Standard, Optional up to four (4) main floodlights,  2 Auxiliary Units, Optional up to four (4) auxiliary lights.
Adjustable Lamp Heads: Yes, Pan & Tilt, Optional Remote Adjustment
Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF): > 50,000 Hours, (11.4 Years @ 12 Hrs/day)
Lamp Body Material: PC and Aluminum Alloy
Lumens: Primary Lights7800 per Light Standard, 15,600 System Standard, Optional up to 156,000 Two (2) Aux Lights Standard 7,800 Lumens each. Optional up to four (4) lights, Other Light Options: 5,850 to 39,000 Lumens
Beam Angle: 60°-180°
Other Options: Optional Fluorescent Lamps

Solar Panel Specifications
Type: 60 Cell Monocrystal
# Panels per Trailer: Two (2) Standard, Optional Third Panel
Weight Ind. Panel: 40 lbs (18 kg)
Frame Material: Aluminum Alloy
Dimensions Ind. Panel: 64.57 x 39 x 1.65 in
Rated Power: 460 Watts (230 Watts per Panel), Optional with three (3) panels 690 Watts
Features: Impact, Shatter, and Sand Resistant, withstand 1" Hail @ 52 MPH
Cell Efficiency: 17%

Battery Specifications  
Type: Seal Lead Acid (VSLAB), Maintenance free immobilized electrolyte, Flame retardant materials (Oxygen Index 28+)
Run Time: Min 48 Hours, Optional Modularly Expandable
Low Voltage Battery Disconnect (LVD): Standard
AH Rating: 480 AH, Optional up to 960AH

Storage temperature: -40 / +70 °C
(-40 / +158 °F)
Operating temperature: -40 / +55 °C, Optional 65°C
 (-40 / +131 °F)

Wind Turbine Option Specifications
Rated Power: 1200 Watts, Variable power based on wind speed, 1000 Watts at 28 MPH Optional Hybrid Solar/Wind Lighting Trailer System
Min. Power Generation Wind Speed: 6.7 MPH
Max. Wind Speed: 67 MPH, Features Over-Speed Control – Electromagnetic speed limitation (reverse reluctance torque control) and blade over-speed braking
Wheel Diameter: 5.9 Ft. (1.8 M)
Number of Blades: Five (5)
Blade Material: Nylon reinforced fiberglass with advanced airfoil design
Housing Material: Aluminum alloy, Severe climate sand & salt corrosive resistance
Noise level: <55 dBA
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