Towable Solar Lighting Trailer System

Personal Solar Lighting™ System

Solar Powered Lighting System for Remote Lighting Applications
with USB to Charge Mobile Phones

Specifications Tactical Solar Lighting System
Part Number ETI0021-8100
Application: Shelters, and other remote locations
Solar Power (W): 5 Watts, 18 V
Output Voltage (V): 12 V, 8.4 V, 5 V, 3.3 V (selectable)
Solar panel: 18 V, 5 Watts
Battery: 12 V, 4.5ah
Input voltage: 15~25 V
Current for 12 VDC output: 3A
Current for USB output: 1A
Hold Up Time: 2.25 Watts for approx. 20 Hrs.
Lamp: 12 V, 1Watt led bulbs (80 lumens)(x 2)
Includes: USB cable, charging adapters (x 4), lamp socket with 3m wire(x 2), Battery/Control Unit, Solar Panel, DC charger adapters(x 2)


The Personal Solar Lighting™ kit is a complete power system for emergency, camping, outdoor events, or other travel uses. The battery module can light two 12 V, 1 Watt led lamps. Good design, easy to use, virtually no running cost, green and environmentally friendly. The solar kit can also charge MOBILE PHONES, MP3, MP4, MP5, CAMERA, GPS, PDA VIDEO, etc. via its USB ports.

Battery & control unit with solar panel Control & battery unit solar components
unit solar kit Control Unit Back
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